Helping mission-driven startups connect with their audience.

res mktg helps emerging companies optimize their online presence, data capturing, and customer engagement process in order to better reach their intended audience.

We do this through an effective three-step process, working hand-in-hand with our clients the entire way.



Full-Funnel Goal Setting

Our initial focus is on fully understanding our client's business model and goals. We know it's crucial to be on the same strategic page before spending a dime. That's also why we'll never charge for this stage of the process -- if you're not satisfied with our joint plan of attack, our belief is you shouldn't have to pay for a strategy you won't use.

Strategy Implementation

After reaching consensus on strategy, we launch and test agreed-upon campaigns, implement data tracking, and sync up with any critical third-party systems, tweaking quickly as we gain insights from the data.

Coaching & Guided Transfer


Our ultimate goal is to set our clients up to have the tools and confidence to be self-sufficient moving forward. We believe having full control of your brand's message, data, and customer feedback is crucial to delivering world-class service and to being able to pivot quickly. We'll work with you and your team to ensure that every last detail is handed over responsibly.